6 Swedish New Artists You Need To Know

Here are 6 Swedish new artists you need to know.
Indie folk singer-songwriters, dream pop bands and solo projects. Let’s begin with a modern soul tune!

1. Daniel Rosenholm


After several years of making music under the pseudonym Dubious Quip and in different band constellations, the swedish artist and producer Daniel Rosenholm has now taken off his mask and decided to just be himself. He is a big fan of lots of different styles of music, especially urban genres, this becomes really clear in his first single under his own name, It’s Gonna Be Alright , a modern soul-song with an irresistible laidback groove.



2. Simon Alexander

PROMO 1.jpg

With a sound influenced by greats like Jeff Buckley and Neil Young to more modern songwriters like Hozier and Matt Corby, swedish singer-songwriter Simon Alexander is making an impact on the folk/indie scene bringing profound lyrics and heartfelt melodies.



3. Patrik Jakubowski


Dreamy singer-songwriter pop with a groovy attitude.
‘Healing’ is the second single from Patrik Jakubowski‘s cooperation with producer Mattias Tegnér and they continue their work to accompany Patrik’s superb singing with a more electronic and beat driven sound. With this new soundscape they have created a perfect vessel for Patrik’s voice to be able to sing a quite moody song about getting your shit together again after a break-up or loss of some kind but still maintain a positive vibe.



4. Narrow Skies


Nordic-inspired, nature-infused, reflective dream pop from Sweden. Organic soundscapes combine with electronic elements to evoke images of the natural world; from shimmering lakes to the hidden depths of the forest, and the extremes of winter’s icy grasp to the land of the midnight sun. They are Narrow Skies.



5. Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes

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Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes is an atmospheric indie pop band from Stockholm consisting of Siri Sjöberg, Elias Mahfoud, Edvin Arleskär och Tilde Hansen.





RHEYA is a solo project of a Swedish artist who keeps his identity hidden. For lovers of dream pop and old Captured Tracks-bands like Wild Nothing, this is something to add to your playlists.



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New Indie Folk [#26] – A Great Mix

A NEW awesome compilation! IMD Mix #26 brings together big names in the Indie Folk scene today:

The Hollow Men / Paul Cook & The Chronicles / Simon Alexander / Lauran Hibberd / David Stone / Dorin Yanni / Will Hawkins / Martha Bailey / Mat Hunsley / Alex Hulme / East Love


This time we had the participation of some of the greatest photographers around the globe!
Prottoy HassanCameron StowAllef Vinicius / Mira BozhkoSollersBadder ManaouchWarren Wong / Noah SillimanMathias HerheimJoren AranasChris Greenhow
Check out their photos:


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‘In The Dead Of Night’, a Frankenstein’s Monster of Music

As dusk settles in and night time approaches The Dahmers rise from their coffins once more. Like bloodthirsty creatures of rock n roll they will burst out into the moonlight leaving solitude behind on a rampage for terror. ‘Nightcrawler’ is the first track from their upcoming album. A mutation of garage punk, energic rock and 60´s pop makes the Dahmers new album ‘In The Dead Of Night’ a Frankensteins monster of music.

The album ‘In The Dead Of Night’ will be released 24th of March on Lövely Records. The band have previously released their debut album ‘Demons’ and EP´s such as ‘Blood On My Hands’ and ‘Terror On Wheels’. The band ended up on Swedish National Radios list for top 50 songs 2016 with their single ‘Blood On My Hands’. The track ‘Nightcrawler’ was premiered on Musikguiden P3 on Swedish National Radio the 10th of januari 2017. The digital singel is released the 15th of January.

Listen to Nightcrawler on Soundcloud:

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