Goodbye Honolulu’s First Single

Goodbye Honolulu, evoke a 90s slacker vibe mixing vintage garage rock n roll history with modern elements, it’s not exactly pop and it’s not exactly punk.

‘Typical’ is their first single off of their upcoming EP, coming out September 01 via Fried Records. Watch the video below:

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HustleCake Talks About Khalid’s Video Production

Check out our interview with HustleCake, about Khalid’s video production, “Location”
(IMD Interview | March 2017)

LA-based production company, HustleCake, was created in 2015 by Film Director Alex Di Marco. Co-founded by Executive Producers, Tiara Parker and Ken Ashton.
We’re all about creating with new brands and artists.

2017-03-20 (2)

Our company specializes in music video and commercial production. Our work has been featured across the spectrum (MTV, BET, Disney, etc) collectively amassing over 100’s of millions of views.

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Khalid – “Location”

Official Video:

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