Diamond Thug’s single ‘Eclipsed’

In 2016 the South African band, Diamond Thug, recorded their debut EP with the help of Dave Minehan (The Replacements) and released it to waves of support, Indie Shuffle calling it ‘…a joy to listen to’. After significant support at Spotify in their home country, where they have now had several million plays, and with…Read more Diamond Thug’s single ‘Eclipsed’


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B O K E H Releases New Videos

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, raised in Wellington, New Zealand, Chloë Lewer grew up too shy to ever sing in front of anyone. Instead, she spent her childhood and university years working as an actress. At age 21, she met a filmmaker who persuaded her to start a ukulele busking adventure with him in…Read more B O K E H Releases New Videos

Futurelight Releases Music Video for ‘L.O.V.E.’

'Futurelight' are a Polish rock band formed in Lodz in 2012 as 'Influence'. The band's original members consisted of vocalist Arek Błaszczyk, guitarist and backing vocalist Łukasz Czechowski, and bassist Robert Kodłubański. The band's line-up was completed by drummer Bartek Królak in June 2012. Futurelight have already released their debut EP. The band are currently…Read more Futurelight Releases Music Video for ‘L.O.V.E.’

From Kid – “New Gods”

Following the release of their acclaimed debut album, Swiss duo From Kid return to the fold with their sophomore LP ‘Favourite Storm’. Leading the way is the enticing single ‘New Gods’ out 17th February. ‘New Gods’ starts off with a warm, inviting vocal melody, instilling the innate sense of endearing intimacy that is laced throughout…Read more From Kid – “New Gods”