Diamond Thug’s single ‘Eclipsed’

In 2016 the South African band, Diamond Thug, recorded their debut EP with the help of Dave Minehan (The Replacements) and released it to waves of support, Indie Shuffle calling it ‘…a joy to listen to’. After significant support at Spotify in their home country, where they have now had several million plays, and with…Read more Diamond Thug’s single ‘Eclipsed’

New track off Oxford quartet Low Island

The track opens up with a rhythmic build up and engaging vocals that over loop to create a dreamy track. Listen to 'Recent' on Soundcloud: The band has been highly compared to Caribou and Radiohead… a balanced mix of electronics and conventional instruments to create chilled-out, hypnotic rhythms. They’ve already made a strong intro with…Read more New track off Oxford quartet Low Island


Here's everything you may have missed: https://youtu.be/ROq425T8Jlo https://youtu.be/I-gG9TvqLPM https://youtu.be/qkKFg9aDVBc https://youtu.be/XuyX_xJEPxY https://youtu.be/XB6lduiHrqc https://youtu.be/LYJQea3yy9c https://youtu.be/EdB36mDVhlw https://youtu.be/PI9wYUeWxoY https://youtu.be/hxLVUE9dvsY https://youtu.be/_Nuf30VIUt0 https://youtu.be/3iNZESCaqQA https://youtu.be/5eQDPqIYuDc https://youtu.be/mJ2R8ypd0oE