SUiT Releases New Video for “1q84”

SUiT is a raw and vigorous act in its purest form. With four years of work behind the curtain it is finally time to gaze through the looking glass. The bands sound is vast, powerful, loud. It’s part crossover-pop, part enthralling folk and part blistering blues, a hard-edged trip of murky and fuzzy rock. These four musicians skillfully go berserk with their instrument of choice while always putting the good of the song ahead of showing off. They manufacture some absolutely hair-raising moments and sounds throughout their music, carefully embracing its delicate moments and then hitting you in the face with intense drive.

Their music has taken them on several tours through England, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands already, SUiT just finished off their debut album to be released by the end of 2017. With a vast load of unreleased material up their sleeves we’re sure in for more surprises within the coming months. But as for now, this music will make you want to get really high, have sex in a strangers car, set it on fire and run off into the woods laughing.

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