Powerful Pop Grooves From Suriname

Carter is a musician and visual artist from Paramaribo, Suriname. Drawing on a rich history of Local and Western musical influences, Carter’s unique style of Neo-Amazonian indie music draws on diverse influences spanning Rock, Hip-hop and corny love songs. His first EP, Tranga, which means strong, hard or difficult in his native tongue, was written during a period of self-doubt while his native Suriname was experiencing a deepening economic recession. Tranga is forthcoming in 2017 is the result of a challenging search for a way forward by evoking innovation through doubt, strength through diversity and insight through self-reflection. The first single off Carter’s debut EP Tranga is Human.


Human is the first single off Carter’s upcoming “Tranga” EP. It’s about man’s fear of comfort and the repetition that comes along with it. Our fight to prove ourselves again & again every day and our hunger to stay alive even after death.The music, lyrics and video for Human were all made on Surinamese soil.

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