Andrea Silva – Waltz

9Andrea Silva, 22, is a Singer/Songwriter based in Los Angeles, originally from Bogotá, Colombia. The singer moved to California four years ago and since then has been playing shows around town with a band under her name and as a solo artist accompanying herself with guitar. She has had some very formidable complisments, In the Fall of 2014, Andrea won the Stanley Clarke Competition and this December she will be performing at the Licoln Center in New York City as one of the nomenees for the New Song Competition.

Currently, she has been working on her EP that will come out in early 2017 that combines both Folk/Indie sounds and some rock elements with dreamy and ethereal sounds. Her influences combine Folk music with some Rock elements and at the beginnging of her career, she wrote songs to Synth Pop / Indie tracks.

Lately she has released some home made acoustic recordings of her songs that have had great comments form the public and music critics. Her voice creates an ethereal spectrum where her songs are laid down with melancholic lyrics that narrate real stories.

Listen to “Waltz” here:


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